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Is Independent Living Right for Me?

Is Independent Living Right for Me?

Making the move to an independent living community is a big decision. And it’s natural to be on the fence about whether it’s the best fit for your retirement and lifestyle. The truth is that independent living is a great option for older adults who are looking to trade in the hassles of home maintenance for more freedom and flexibility in their retirement.
If you’re curious about whether the independent living lifestyle is right for you, go through the brief checklist we’ve outlined below to see if you can relate.

You Want to Socialize More

Do you find yourself wanting to spend more time socializing with other adults your age? At independent living communities like Franciscan Village, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet new friends while exploring a wide variety of life enrichment activities. You’ll find yourself part of a warm and welcoming atmosphere where new residents like yourself feel like family.

Home Maintenance Has Become Too Much to Handle

There’s no doubt that your current home has brought you plenty of joy. But is the home maintenance and upkeep getting in the way of the retirement lifestyle you wish you could have? Independent living communities can offer you a cozy home that supports and encourages your active lifestyle.

You Want a More Active Lifestyle

When you call an independent living community like Franciscan Village home, you’ll have plenty of life enrichment activities to enjoy. From afternoon yoga classes to reading your favorite best-seller in a comfortable common area, each day is filled with new opportunities to keep your body and mind active. And it’s all right outside your front door.

You Wouldn’t Mind a Hand with Household Chores

When you move to an independent living community, chores like laundry and cleaning will follow you. But the good news is that you’ll have support for those tasks, if you ever want or need it. The added convenience doesn’t stop there. Franciscan Village, an independent living community in Lemont, even offers local transportation services.


Discover Premier Independent Living Near You

If you’re thinking about making the move to an independent living community, our expert staff at Franciscan Village is here to help. Contact us today to take a virtual tour of our community and have any of your questions answered.