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Senior Living Resources

Senior Resources and Articles To Help You Navigate The Future

It is common to have questions when it is time to talk about the future for you or your loved one Franciscan Ministries has developed several resource guides to take the guesswork out of senior living. Find the answers to a wide variety of questions and relevant topics.

Fully Living Life Amidst a Pandemic

Most of us have never experienced a global pandemic before. The new and unknown made it unthinkable and frightening, particularly for older adults who are at a higher risk for more serious illness and complications.

As a result, they’ve experienced more stringent restrictions that have interrupted their family relationships, weakened their social bonds and dampened their enthusiasm for life at a time when they should be living their best lives. This guide outlines commonsense measures, drawn from health and aging experts, with your loved one in mind.


Compare The Difference Between Nonprofit
and For Profit Senior Living

Choosing between the many senior living communities available can feel a little overwhelming. But understanding how these communities are structured will go a long way toward understanding how you and your loved one will experience the community. Compare the differences when choosing between a nonprofit or profit senior living community.



Why Consider Senior Living

Seniors, particularly those living alone, face numerous challenges: not having loved ones nearby, losses of friends and family members, caring for a home, health-related mobility issues, and lack of transportation. Here are six reasons to consider senior living.



Why Financial Resilience Matters

What is financial resilience? Generally speaking, financial resilience refers to the ability of an organization to withstand prolonged periods of economic uncertainty.

A small family business, for example, is much more susceptible to economic tides than a national corporation that can distribute risk across a much larger system.

The same is true of a standalone senior living community and an organization that manages multiple senior living communities. A standalone community is much more vulnerable than a multi-community organization that can spread its risk out across facilities in multiple states. Read here for more differences.


Home Safety Checklist

When choosing whether or not to stay in your home as you age, consider the risks. Falls were the leading cause of injury among adults aged 65 and older in 2018 (8.4 million) and accounted for 32,000 deaths.

Stay safe and in your home longer by exercising to improve strength and agility and getting your eyes checked annually. Then take steps to make your home safer. Read more safety tips here.



Choosing the Right Senior Living Community

Your loved one—whether a parent, grandparent, partner/spouse or other loved one—is aging before your eyes. They’re not as agile as they once were. They may be forgetting simple details. It is a difficult thing to accept, but we are here to help. Through this guide we will help you navigate through this time and provide you with information your family needs about choosing a senior living community.


Transitioning to Senior Care

You or your loved one have chosen a senior living community, so what’s next? Transitioning to your new home can be overwhelming. Throughout this guide we will help answer some of the more common questions and provide steps and tips in preparing for your move.