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Living Joyfully

The Meaning of Living Joyfully

Living Joyfully Symbol

Living Joyfully was based on the tireless work our Foundress and the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago have accomplished over the past 129 years and continue to accomplish through God’s Providence. It’s this calling that has led the Sisters, throughout all these years, to live their mission, leading them to serve in a variety of ways which has brought our Ministry to this point in time. 

We believe that Living Joyfully is a reflection of the dedication and commitment of the Sisters; and is the fullest and deepest expression of our Mission and is centered around our associates and residents, making up the foundation of Franciscan Ministries’ culture. Celebrate Life and Serve with Joy guides our associates and the care given to our residents. 

At Franciscan Ministries, we believe that Living Joyfully…

  • is about honoring the story of each individual resident and associate.
  • is about living your best life by embracing the Seven Dimensions of Wellness.
  • is about ensuring associates’ and residents’ wellbeing.  
  • is about surrounding residents and associates in places of beauty and joy.
  • is about attracting and retaining the best associates to ensure that residents receive premier care and attention. 
  • is about recognizing that we are called to be of service to one another through our relationships, communications, and actions.

The above statements make up [our beliefs] of what Living Joyfully is and what it means for this Ministry – for our associates, residents and family members, and the interactions that we have with each other. For Franciscan Ministries, Living Joyfully is intentional and a choice. The residents and their family members we serve inspire us to bring our best in everything we do – from how we communicate and react with each other, to the high level of care we provide, to the meals we prepare and the programs we create. For those we serve, we believe that Living Joyfully is foundational to life. It’s about doing what you love, regardless of how life changes. It’s about having the time to do what you want to do, not what you have to do. 

The Art of Living Joyfully

When defining what Living Joyfully is, we need the ability to express it to its fullest, to bring it alive, to give it meaning – to be tangible. A visual representation of Living Joyfully was conceived and created – out of joy and happiness and by a team of associates and partners who gave of their time and energy to help create the Living Joyfully culture and communicate it to our associates and residents. 

7 Categories of Living Joyfully

There are seven pillars of Living Joyfully. Each of these pillars complements and aligns with the seven dimensions of wellness, working in unison to create an integrated approach to wellness, social interactions and individual programming. 

  1. Make Your Mark – Your influence on the world and on those around you. 
  2. Create Your Contributions – Intentional actions or forms of giving back that have a beneficial effect or affect on those around you. 
  3. Expand Your Communities – Connecting with those around us. 
  4. Give Your Gratitude – Showing appreciation to God and others
  5. Grow Your Gifts – Sharing your talent or passions with others, the world. 
  6. Pursue Your Purpose – What makes you? What are your drivers? What is your personal greatness? 
  7. Embrace Your Joy – What brings you enlightenment, calm, contentment, bliss?

What it Means to Work for Franciscan

Many associates believe that they were called to work for Franciscan Ministries. Drawn by the legacy of our Foundress, Venerable Mother Mary Theresa Dudzik, they believed that it was part of their destiny for the greater good. Other associates come to work for the Ministry with very personal stories of challenges and struggles experienced with a loved one becoming sick, growing older, or, in some cases, even providing care for an aging loved one. Yet, others say they “just knew” – knew that a career at the Ministry was the right fit for them – it was their way of giving back. 

When you choose a career path at Franciscan Ministries, you become part of something bigger; giving you the opportunity to become an integral part of making a difference in the lives of men, women, children and older adults. Working at Franciscan – you’ll join a Ministry that’s deeply rooted in associate and Ministry values, with a rich legacy and a diverse and inclusive culture that puts people first while creating purpose for our associates and residents in an environment that values transparency, innovation, success…and life.

This statement is rooted in our Ministry’s values:

     Respect – Reflect God in all we do.

     Dedication – Passionately carry forward this ministry entrusted to us.

     Stewardship – Responsibly use the gifts of our resources.

     Joy – Giving from our hearts.

And it’s these values that helped build the foundation for our associate value proposition and overall hiring process. Our newly released associate value proposition is at the core of how we seek talented, dedicated and passionate individuals. These values have set the bar high for our hiring process and are requirements to be successful at Franciscan Ministries.

As a faith-based organization, we are called to help impact the lives of many by continuing the work of our Foundress. As stewards of Franciscan Ministries, our commitment is about continuing your journey with purpose. We are focused on making a positive impact through our philosophy – Living Joyfully – by providing services, care, and guidance with a focus on wellbeing. It’s our mission and our focus – with everything we say and do.