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St. Jude House

Family Violence Prevention Center and Shelter in Crown Point, Indiana

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St. Jude House has served more than 13,500 clients since its inception in 1995. An anchor in the community, it provides safe haven, basic needs, resources and comprehensive services to enable victims of domestic violence and their dependent children fleeing the danger and trauma of domestic violence to rebuild their lives and work toward self-sufficiency. St. Jude House is a voice for clients who feel they have none, assisting and empowering them to make informed choices for themselves and their children.

In addition to its 40-bed homelike shelter, St. Jude House offers 24/7 crisis hotline; crisis intervention; case management; legal advocacy; support groups; parenting classes; onsite child care; transportation assistance, employment and housing advocacy; life skills training; financial empowerment program and specialized services for children, along with community outreach, prevention education and trainings in the community.

If you would like to make a difference at St. Jude house, contact Lauren Zurbriggen at 219.662.7066 Ext.325 or or click here to learn more about St. Jude House.

"The friendliness of all the residents and staff. . . the "Good Mornings" and "Good Afternoons" said with a smile. That truly makes my day."

Lee S., resident of Franciscan Communities

"As the song goes "There's no place like home." My place here is "home sweet home." Employees provide service with kindness and there's so many good people to talk to."

Bernard S., Franciscan Communities Resident

"Mt. Alverna has such a friendly and caring personality and atmosphere. The skilled care helped me achieve independence and regain strength. Even the social activities reinforce physical therapy. I am blessed to have been able to rehab at this facility this past Spring."

Rev S., Mount Alverna