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Stretch Your Body & Mind with Senior Activities at Addolorata Villa

At Addolorata Villa, we believe in promoting an active, independent lifestyle through a wide variety of senior living activities designed to challenge and delight you. Our residents are the key to the senior wellness programs we create; we listen to their goals, dreams, and desires and implement various events and activities based on their wishes. Residents are encouraged to share their requests so our active senior living community can focus on meeting their needs at the highest level.

Life Enrichment at Addolorata Villa is centered around the dimensions of wellness, focusing especially on social, physical, intellectual and spiritual wellness. The importance of overall wellbeing cannot be stressed enough, and that’s why we take a holistic approach to servicing our residents’ minds, bodies and spirits with a variety of senior wellness activities.

All our activities for seniors are designed to enrich your overall quality of life. The opportunities to stay active, engaged and enjoying life, no matter your capability, to the fullest are truly endless at Addolorata Villa!

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