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Community of Support for Every Personal Journey

In addition to providing excellent care, life-enriching activities and events to promote active senior living, we strongly believe in providing for the spiritual health of our residents, associates, and families through our mission and our faith. We provide opportunities to explore and expand your spiritual wellbeing and your sense of purpose, giving more meaning to your days. While Franciscan Ministries has roots in the Catholic faith, those of all beliefs are supported and welcomed with our variety of senior religious services and activities.

For your spiritual health and wellbeing we offer:

  • Regular onsite Catholic mass and services for other religious traditions
  • Transportation services to local parishes and churches
  • Prayer groups
  • Chaplain services
  • Bible studies
  • Apartment blessings
  • Book discussions and programs on spirituality
  • Opportunities to be involved in a choir or spiritual life committee
  • Outdoor spaces for meditation and reflection
  • Bereavement support

Addolorata Villa has beautiful spaces for spiritual activities including meditation, prayer, and celebration as part of a worship community. Our trained pastoral care staff is available to meet the needs of residents and family members as you journey through this important time in your life.

See what we have to offer at Addolorata Villa

To experience what makes Addolorata Villa different from traditional retirement communities, Schedule a visit by calling our lovely staff at 847-537-2900 today!

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