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Benefits of Hiring an At-Home Caregiver from Franciscan Care Solutions

December 28, 2020

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Your loved one has been needing some extra help at home managing some of their daily tasks. It’s a challenging position since your other responsibilities are keeping you from being with them more often. You want your senior loved one to be happy and enjoy the comfort of their own home, but when they are struggling to keep up with basic tasks like cooking, cleaning and medication management, you’re left wondering what to do.

The good news is that many families in your situation find success in hiring a professional in-home caregiver. A professional caregiver from Franciscan Care Solutions can give your loved one the personalized care they need to stay happily in their home.

The Benefits of Franciscan Care Solutions

Personalized Support with Daily Tasks

The senior caregivers at Franciscan Care Solutions can help your loved one with a variety of tasks. Whether it’s helping them prepare meals or ensuring they take their medication, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your loved one is getting the support they need. But what sets Franciscan Care Solutions apart is how they take the time to get to know your loved one on a personal level.

Our professional senior caregivers will create a personalized care plan based on your loved one’s unique needs. For example, if your loved one has fallen in the past, our caregivers can help. We can remove clutter and other falling hazards while helping your loved one improve their balance.

We Can Help Support Your Loved One’s Independence

Franciscan Ministries at-home caregivers are able to help your loved one continue to live comfortably at home. The extra support with daily tasks can help your loved one reach a higher level of independence. By not having to worry about daily tasks, they will have more time to invest in their passions.

Over time, this can help your senior loved one improve their outlook on life while boosting their confidence. Plus, Franciscan Care Solutions takes the time to match your loved one with the right caregiver. That means your loved one’s caregiver can share interest in their passions while offering companionship.

Peace of Mind for You

It’s hard not to worry about the well-being of a senior loved one when you’re not with them. The good news is that Franciscan Care Solutions gives your loved one the one-on-one care they need to thrive. Whether you live right down the road or across the country, you’ll know that your senior loved one is taken care of.

At Franciscan Care Solutions, we make sure to give family members, like yourself, regular updates. Our senior at-home caregivers are available to talk with you about your loved one’s progress. You won’t ever have to wonder about the health of your loved one day to day.

Our Caregivers Are Also Companions

If your senior loved one lives alone, you might worry about them being socially isolated. But a caregiver from Franciscan Care Solutions provides your loved one with meaningful social interaction. Even if it’s something as simple as sharing a cup of coffee, that companionship can help your loved one boost their well-being.

You might soon discover that your senior loved one is opening up more now that they have a companion. And while one of our senior caregivers is doing their job, they’re also helping prevent feelings of depression and loneliness.

Discover Premier At-Home Senior Care Near You

Franciscan Care Solutions offers a wide range of in-home senior care and nursing services. We know that you only want the best for your loved one, and we’re here to provide personalized support to help them find more purpose in each day.

As a leader in at-home senior care, Franciscan Ministries is partnered with Open Arms. They are a fully licensed at-home senior care agency that specializes in supporting seniors with Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, cancer, dementia, ALS and other conditions, all in the comfort of their own homes.

Contact us today to learn more about how our at-home senior care services can help your loved one reach their highest level of wellness.

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