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Celebrating the Holidays in Senior Living

December 15, 2023

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From family traditions to festive celebrations, the holidays are a time for spreading joy and spending time with the people that we love the most. Some people might think that moving into a senior living community can change these traditions. If you’re wondering how your move could affect your family’s holiday season, we have some good news for you: senior living communities can enhance your holiday experience!

At Franciscan Ministries, living joyfully is at the forefront of our mission and is implemented throughout each of our senior living communities. This is why we’re sharing what you can expect during the holidays in your new community and some tips for making this season the best one yet.

Community Celebrations

If you’ve been in your senior living community for a while now, you’re probably used to the diverse range of activities and events offered for residents. These special functions are meant to promote engagement and provide opportunities for socialization within the community, ensuring each individual is able to take full advantage of the offered amenities.

During the holidays, you can expect your calendar to be full of festive events, engaging activities, and plenty of chances to ring in the most wonderful time of the year with your fellow neighbors. From ornament making to special meals, there’s an option for every resident to enjoy. This is also a great way to involve your family and friends outside of the community by inviting them to participate with you.

Check with the team members in your community to see which festive activities are open to friends and family so you can introduce your loved ones to your neighbors and spend meaningful time together this holiday season.

Making New Family Traditions

For many families, the holiday season is full of special traditions that have been carried out for decades. Whether you all gather together to bake holiday treats while watching your favorite seasonal movie or you invite your loved ones to your home to enjoy a holiday feast, you’re probably wondering if you’ll be able to participate in your usual traditions this season. 

While your move to senior living might change how your family’s holidays are celebrated, there’s no reason that you can’t still honor your favorite traditions – you may just need to make a few adjustments.

For example, you can invite your loved ones to your senior living community to bake holiday cookies and treats in your community kitchen; this is also a great way to introduce your fellow residents to your family! You can also ask your family to pick you up from your community and spend time driving through a local holiday light display. 

If decorating together is one of your traditions, one way to alter this is to ask your family to help you decorate your living space in your senior living community, asking everyone to bring one special decoration that holds meaning to your family.

Remembering the Reason for the Season

The holidays might seem a bit uncertain if this is your first season in a senior living community since it might be difficult for you to travel to see your family or if you’re unsure if your community offers any special activities or events.

Remember that the most important part of the holiday season is spending time with the people that you love the most. Regardless of past traditions, there are plenty of ways to come together with loved ones and alter your past holiday gatherings to make things simple for everyone involved. By participating in your community’s offered events and activities, you’ll also grow closer to your neighbors and fellow residents, creating a strong sense of fellowship in your social circle.

At Franciscan Ministries, we invite you to discover your nearest community and experience our mission of living joyfully each and every day through our hospitality and care. With a resident experience inspired by the seven dimensions of wellness, we help ensure you enjoy an enhanced lifestyle with the autonomy and respect you deserve. 

Visit our website today and contact one of the senior living experts on our Franciscan Ministries team to learn more about our communities and all that we have to offer.