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3 Benefits of Choosing a Catholic-Based Senior Living Community

October 1, 2022

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Many senior living communities claim to support the mind, body, and spirit. However, while most of them do this, many tend to focus more on the mind and body elements of this all-encompassing approach to care.

They offer activities and events that stimulate and engage the mind as well as promote physical health. The supportive care services cater to residents’ physical needs, but the spiritual aspect of wellness often gets overshadowed or even overlooked.

This is where the advantage of choosing a faith-based community becomes an important factor. Our team at Franciscan Ministries, with Catholic senior living communities located throughout the Midwest, is sharing the benefits of choosing a community rooted in faith.

1. Shared Values

Many communities offer services and activities that help residents incorporate their faith into their daily lives, but faith-based or Catholic senior living communities are built around this faith. This means that instead of adding spiritual experiences into a routine or community that already exists, a Catholic-based community uses faith as the main building block and puts it at the center of everything it does.

From writing the mission statement to planning daily activities and the way team members at the community engage with the residents, faith is at the core.

2. Sense of Community and Belonging

One of the benefits of transitioning into a senior living community is the socialization opportunities. Socialization and connection are so important for overall health and wellness, providing benefits such as improved cognitive functioning, encouraging physical health, and reducing feelings of stress. Unfortunately, as we age, our opportunities for connection can become more limited. Senior living communities offer a solution and are a great way to ensure more interaction.

However, Catholic-based senior living communities go a step further in offering a sense of belonging. Living in a faith-based community allows individuals to form deeper connections with individuals who share their beliefs, practice the same traditions, and hold the same values.

Living in a community of acceptance like this could determine whether someone feels isolated and alone or welcomed into an environment where everyone looks out for one another. Even if someone does not practice or identify with a specific faith, they will still benefit from and can appreciate living in a caring, welcoming, and accepting community.

This strong sense of welcoming can also help with the initial transition process. It is normal for individuals to experience feelings of anxiety, fear, or even reluctance when making the move into senior living. However, by choosing to transition into a Catholic-based community, feeling comfortable and at home may happen more quickly once the person meets the current residents and feels accepted and welcomed.

3. More Opportunities to Engage

It is common for communities to offer spiritual services or Bible studies, but choosing a Catholic-based senior living community create far more opportunities to engage or get involved with your religious community. Additionally, faith-based communities also give individuals the opportunity to deepen their faith or even begin their journey.

Catholic Senior Living at Franciscan Ministries 

At Franciscan Ministries, our mission is to celebrate life and serve with joy. We value:

  • Respect: Reflect God in all we do
  • Dedication: Passionately carry forward this ministry entrusted to us
  • Stewardship: Responsibly use the gift of our resources
  • Joy: Give from our hearts

We are proud to provide for the spiritual health and well-being of residents, team members, and families. As part of our mission and faith, we offer spiritual activities for older adults to explore their sense of purpose. This builds a strong connection with the community and can fill the days with more meaning. While Franciscan Ministries has roots in the Catholic faith, those of all beliefs are supported and welcomed.

Where you live matters. It is not enough to find a community that offers the right level of care and support for your physical and mental wellness. You also need to find a place that makes you feel welcome and at home while offering the right amenities and sharing your values. You need to find a community that truly cares for the mind, body, and spirit as we do at Franciscan Ministries.

Please visit our website to learn more about our Catholic-based senior living communities throughout Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.