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Making the Most Out of Your Independent Living Community

September 17, 2019

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Independent living is an exciting new chapter of your life waiting to be explored. Whether you’re looking into making a change or are already part of an independent living community, you want to make the most out of your experience. The good news? You have the power to shape how your story plays out.

“Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

This classic quote from Eleanor Roosevelt couldn’t be more relevant. Like so many other things in life, your experience at an independent living community is up to you. In this post, you’ll learn senior living tips that can help you transform your life at an independent living community into a vibrant experience.

Going Out the Door

It might sound like a no-brainer, but the best way to start getting more out of your independent living community is to get out of your apartment. We know how easy it can be to get in the habit of staying in and watching TV or reading a book. While time alone can be relaxing, spending too much time alone can have you missing out on all the meaningful social connections right outside your door.

Let’s face it, finding the motivation to get out of the house is a lot easier when you have an activity to go to. An easy place to start is your independent living community’s activities director. Talk to this person about your interests and see what clubs and activities are available. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to the next activity you can engage in!

You Got a Friend in Me

Speaking of connection, having the opportunity to make new friendships is one of the main benefits of an independent living community. In fact, according to a recent study, seniors with friends are on average healthier and have a higher level of wellness. So, the question becomes, how do you make friends? Below we’ve outlined a few senior living tips you can use to find new friends.

  • Don’t Eat Alone: Like when you were in grade school, find a table of new people during lunch or dinner and take a seat.
  • Hello Neighbor: An easy place to find new friends is right next door. Invite your neighbors over for coffee or tea.
  • Community Trips: It’s common for an independent living community to have scheduled trips. Whether it’s to a local attraction or the grocery store, these trips can be a great bonding moment.

Independent Senior Living is Better with Family

Now that you have an independent living community to call home, you’ll have more time to spend with family. Trade in that tedious home maintenance for more quality time with your loved ones. If you have family close by, try and set up a regular day of the week for them to visit.

Have family from out of town? It’s the perfect opportunity to make the most of your community. Try being their private independent senior living tour guide. You can give them a private tour of your community and introduce them to all the friends you’ve made so far. Who knows, you might even discover something you haven’t seen before!

Celebrate Each Day at Franciscan Ministries

At Franciscan Ministries, members of our independent living community celebrate the gift of each day through connections with others. We offer independent senior living options that suit a wide variety of tastes and lifestyles. You’ll have the opportunity to make the most out of the next exciting chapter of your life.

If you’re interested in learning more about how vibrant life can be at Franciscan Ministries, contact our team today.