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How Life Enrichment Programs Improve Seniors’ Quality of Life

February 27, 2021

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Do you remember the feelings of anticipation and joy when your parents dropped you off for baseball practice as kid? Or the social connections you made at swimming lessons? Living an active and engaged lifestyle is important at any age. The good news is that seniors today have plenty of opportunities to enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Did you know that senior living communities have a variety of life enrichment activities to explore? Not only do they help you find more purpose in each day, but life enrichment activities also improve the quality of life for seniors. Let’s take a closer look at what benefits you can expect from these activities.

The Benefits of Life Enrichment Programs for Seniors

Life Enrichment Activities Boost Cognitive Health

As we age, it’s natural for our minds to need more frequent exercise to stay in shape. The good news is that life enrichment activities promote cognitive health. Not only will your mind be more engaged, but the New England Journal of Medicine stated that enrichment activities can help seniors maintain their cognitive abilities over a longer period of time.

Keeping your mind active also improves your memory and reasoning skills. By holding onto your mental reasoning, you’ll be able to more effectively solve problems, which often grants you a sense of achievement. For example, residents at Franciscan Ministries often solve puzzles or participate in a book club together. Activities like this help keep your mind sharp while building new social connections.

Life Enrichment Activities Keep You Moving

You might have heard how important physical activity is for seniors. The issue is that no amount of exercise can make up the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. As we age, many of us spend more time sitting than we used to. The more you’re inactive during the day, the more chronic conditions like arthritis or muscle aches can act up.

Plus, when you’re living on your own, it can sometimes be hard to stay active while keeping up with your other responsibilities. Life enrichment activities can help introduce more physical movement into your lifestyle. These activities can also help you stay motivated to follow your passions each day.

At a senior living community, you’ll be surrounded by older adults who share your interests. The connections you build with friends and neighbors will provide an extra incentive for you to be out and about.

Life Enrichment Helps with Social Isolation

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, reports that one out of every four seniors are socially isolated. When older adults are socially isolated, their risk of health complications rise. For example, social isolation can increase your risk for dementia by almost 50 percent. Facts like this are a reminder of how important social connections are for older adults.

Life enrichment activities help you stay ahead of social isolation. These activities are a large part of how senior living communities build social connections between residents. Social activities like a book club or walking group are natural environments for you to make friends. The challenge you felt to make friends when you were at home can sometimes fade once you become part of a community.

How to Choose the Best Life Enrichment Program

If you’re trying to decide on which senior living community would be the best fit for you, take a look at the life enrichment programming. The basis of life enrichment at Franciscan Ministries is the commitment to helping you live joyfully. Living joyfully is a philosophy that’s based in helping you do more of what you love.

Whether it’s enjoying the simple bliss of reading the latest best seller on a cozy afternoon or joining a group for a nature walk, Franciscan is here to help you find your joy.

Discover A Fulfilling Lifestyle in Retirement

Are you interested in find more time to enjoy your passions and hobbies? The life enrichment activities at Franciscan Ministries can help you make the most out of each day. Contact our senior living team today to see how we can help you live joyfully. Don’t forget to find a Franciscan Ministries community near you to get an inside look at the life enrichment activities that we have to offer.

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