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Mom and Dad Have Different Senior Care Needs: What Do You Do?

August 1, 2022

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Everyone ages differently, and the same applies to our parents. Chronic conditions affect men and women differently, and abilities can change, so it’s not uncommon for parents to have different senior care needs.

While Mom and Dad are aging together, they could be aging in different ways. Fortunately, there are senior care options available that can help your parents safely age together and receive the appropriate level of support for their needs.

With senior living communities in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, Franciscan Communities provides care and lifestyle options that cater to a wide range of needs and goals. To help you navigate differing levels of senior care for Mom and Dad, our team is sharing a few tips to guide you.

Research Your Options

The first and most important step in this process is to do your research. There are several options and levels of senior care available, so it is crucial that you understand what each type offers and which one each of your parents would benefit from the most.

For instance, if Dad is primarily independent but could benefit from no longer having to worry about maintaining the house and lawn upkeep, independent living may be a good option for him. If your mom is beginning to need additional support in her daily life, like managing medication, she may benefit from assisted senior living.

Once you know which level of senior care each of your parents needs, you can look into senior living community options that are equipped to meet both of their needs.

Plan & Find the Right Community

Like house hunting, finding a community both of your parents will love, and one that will accommodate both of their needs will take time – making it vital for advanced planning.

Transitioning into a senior living community is a significant change. Advanced planning can allow your parents to wrap their minds around this change and find a community that suits both of their needs, which will make the transition much smoother.

The more time you give yourself and your parents to look into senior care, the more options will be available. If a decision needs to be made quickly, it will feel rushed and leave you with limited options that might not be ideal. The bottom line is to research and plan. This grants everyone the chance to feel comfortable and at peace with the final decision.

Benefits of Choosing a Senior Care Community

Person-Centered Care

Many senior living communities, like Franciscan Communities, offer individualized senior care services, ensuring individuals receive a personalized care plan tailored to their specific needs and preferences. “Decades of research have demonstrated that when [individual] values and preferences are prioritized, they engage more in treatments, leading to better health outcomes (”

This is highly beneficial for your parents if they have different senior care needs, as they can stay together while receiving the appropriate level of support.

Socialization Opportunities

Senior living communities offer a wide range of engaging activities and events that promote an active, fulfilling lifestyle. Focusing on many areas and interests, these activities allow individuals to socialize with peers and form new friendships.

A common concern between couples with differing senior care needs is that the one who needs less support and assistance feels guilty participating in social activities or engagements that their spouse may not be able to join in on. Moving into a senior living community together can make this guilt and worry disappear. Couples can have peace of mind in knowing that each is receiving the right amount of care at all times – and staying active, engaged and connected with activities that accommodate their abilities.

Finding a senior community with options so Mom and Dad can continue to live together is the most important thing. Our senior living communities in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio offer varying levels of care that accommodate couples and cover a wide range of senior care needs.

To learn more about our services or find the right community for your parents, visit our website or contact the Franciscan Ministries team today!