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Tips for Maintaining Independence as You Age

August 9, 2021

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From the moment you retired, there was an unbridled feeling of excitement as you looked forward to spending more time following your passions. As your golden years continued to unfold, you might have thought about how long you’ll be able to maintain your independence before requiring a little more assistance to fully enjoy your lifestyle. While this might cause you to be a bit apprehensive  about the future, you can keep your current level of independence going for longer once you have some guidance. Read on as we divulge top tips for staying independent as you age. 

Build New Social Connections 

Being independent doesn’t mean that you should be isolated in retirement. You’ll want to try and make new friends as you age to improve your social health and keep your mind sharp. The question is, what are some good ways to make friends in retirement? One great way to boost your social circle is to look for volunteer opportunities in your local community. By volunteering – such as helping people or animals in need –you’ll be able to meet people who share similar passions. 

You can also take a look at the activities and programs being run by your local recreation or senior center. Taking a class with other older adults makes it easier to spark conversation while boosting your physical wellness. 

Get Moving and Exercise Regularly 

If you’re looking to remain independent as you age, there’s no escaping regular exercise. By exercising at least four times a week, you’ll lower your risk for serious illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and depression. The good news is that getting exercise doesn’t mean that you have to run a marathon or go to the gym and lift weights for two hours. Simply going out and enjoying a 30-minute walk can do wonders for your health. 

There are even a wide variety of exercise classes like yoga, tai chi and Zumba that can be specifically geared for older adults. Being in a group exercise class can also help  you find more motivation to stay on top of your exercise goals. 

Find a Good Doctor and Keep in Touch 

It might not be your favorite activity, but going to the doctor will help you keep track of your health, which becomes more important as you age. With a regular doctor you trust, it will be easier to stay on top of preventive  care for common age-related health concerns such as  hearing loss. To start your doctor search, reach out to your friends and family members to see if there’s anyone they would recommend. Once you have a few names for a general practitioner, go online and read their patient reviews. 

When you decide on your regular doctor, be sure to make all the annual appointments that will help you stay on top of your health. You should go to at least one physical appointment per year and get a treatment plan for any prolonged health issues such as  joint pain. 

Move to an Independent Living Community 

Moving to an independent living community is one of the best ways to maintain independence as an older adult. Without the responsibilities of home maintenance to worry about, you’ll have more time to follow your passions and work on the tips we laid out above. Independent living communities like the ones found at Franciscan Ministries offer robust wellness programs, plenty of social opportunities, and peace of mind knowing that you’ll get assistance with any future health needs. 

Explore Vibrant Independent Living Near You

If you’re ready to simplify your retirement lifestyle, the independent living communities at Franciscan Ministries are here to help. At our picturesque communities, you’ll have the opportunity to forge new social connections and more time to focus on what’s important to you. When you’re ready to discover how our communities and staff can help you enjoy a higher quality of life in retirement, contact us today.