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3 Great Technology Tips for Seniors

May 16, 2019

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There’s no question that technology is evolving at a staggering pace. From connecting with people, to personal finance and entertainment, things look different than they did ten years ago. When it comes to new technology and seniors, there’s a common misconception that the older generations just aren’t cut for it.

It’s true that some seniors need more help getting started with technology, but that goes for anyone learning something new. The truth is, seniors are capable of not only enjoying technology but using it to enrich their daily lives. In this article you’ll learn some technology tips for seniors that will help you make your life more fulfilling and convenient.

1. Stay Connected with Ease

Many seniors today enjoy vibrant living at a retirement community. A common problem, though, is that you might feel disconnected from friends and family. The good news is that staying connected has never been easier. With a smartphone, tablet or computer, there are a variety of ways to communicate with your loved ones.

Video Chat: Video chat applications like Skype and Facetime allow you to have a face-to-face conversation with someone in real time!

Instant Messaging: Share brief messages with friends and family. Think of it as a live conversation where you write out personalized messages.

Social Media: From Facebook, Instagram or Reddit, you’ll become part of a larger community where you can connect with people who share your interests.

It’s never been easier to connect new technology and seniors. While it’s normal to feel a little intimidated at first, reaching out to family and friends is a positive way to get started and stay connected.

2. Add Convenience to Your Social Life

Retirement living definitely has its benefits. Seniors these days are going out and enjoying hobbies more than ever before. A great technology tip for seniors is to use it to add some convenience to your social life. The next time you go out to dinner with friends, wouldn’t it be great to spend more energy enjoying the experience?

Restaurant Reservations: With apps like OpenTable, you can make reservations ahead of time. That way the only thing you need to worry about is having a great time.

Ride Sharing: Apps like Uber or Lyft can offer you a quick ride to anywhere you need to go. Think of it as a cab service with people in your neighborhood as the drivers.

You worked hard for your retirement. Like many seniors, you’re not done having great experiences. Technology can make going out and enjoying your passions more convenient.

3. New Technology and Senior Medications

If you’re a senior, you know how tedious keeping track of medications can be. It’s something many of us need to do, even if we don’t necessarily enjoy doing it. You can probably agree that there are plenty of things you’d rather do with your time.

Pillboxes can help, but technology can set reminders and even notify you when your supply is getting low. Applications like Medisafe makes it easy for you to keep track of any medication that you need to take. While it might take some getting used to, using technology to help with medications can be more efficient and safer. By streamlining your medication management, you’ll have more time to pursue interests you’re passionate about.

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