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New Year, New Career: Why Consider Senior Living Jobs?

January 1, 2024

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With the start of a new year comes the opportunity to begin a fresh, clean slate in your career. Whether you have been anticipating a career change for some time or you are simply looking for an entry-level position to help you enter the workforce, you might have already started to peruse your options.

If your idea of a job involves time-consuming, tedious work and long hours that seem to never end, it is best that you start to look for a position in other industries. Senior living jobs are truly some of the most rewarding and fulfilling positions that a person can consider.

At Franciscan Ministries, we are always looking for motivated individuals to join our team and help us promote active, vibrant senior living lifestyles in Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana. Wherever you are in your professional journey, our team is sharing reasons why you should consider a career in the senior living industry and start looking for senior living jobs.

A Growing Industry

Older adults are the fastest-growing age group in the country. In fact, over 800,000 individuals currently reside in assisted living communities across the United States, and this number is expected to rise within the next two years alone! By 2029, over 20% of the country’s population will be over the age of 65, which will only increase the demand for senior living communities.

This rising demographic is opening a wide range of opportunities for those who are looking for senior living jobs that can help them get involved in the industry, no matter what their experience or background entails. For example, senior living jobs are not just limited to nurses or caregivers who monitor residents; senior living communities need chefs, servers, maintenance professionals, housekeepers, activity coordinators, transportation providers, and many more hospitality-related positions. No matter what your skill set is or where your area of expertise lies, there is definitely a place for you within the senior living industry.

Make a Positive Impact

Perhaps the most important part of working in a senior living community is the chance to connect with residents on a profoundly personal level. Not only do these residents rely on team members for a helping hand with activities of daily living, transportation, or other necessities, but many of them are also looking for a friendly face with whom to strike up a meaningful conversation. 

Every person has an important story to tell. By interacting with residents on a regular basis, you will hear these fascinating stories and get to know individuals on a personal level as you help them achieve their goals and live life joyfully.

A Meaningful, Supportive Atmosphere 

The senior living field is full of many amazing people who have come together to create a strong team. That being said, you will be joining an environment that consists of people with genuine compassion for others, all of whom pride themselves on their ability to make a difference.

By joining a team with so many empathetic and optimistic people, you will become part of a group that is truly willing to go above and beyond to serve. Your position in senior living enables you to enjoy the unique opportunity to create meaningful bonds with co-workers and residents alike as you serve your senior living community.

For instance, there are plenty of social events such as happy hours, movie screenings, and live entertainment that you may be involved with – whether in the planning or executing phases. In addition to these activities, you may also accompany residents on outings, such as shopping trips or visits to a park or museum.

If you choose a career path as a caregiver, you’ll be a vital source of support and encouragement to residents and their families. You’ll be able to build meaningful relationships with them, develop a deep understanding of their needs, and provide emotional support during difficult times. You’ll celebrate their successes and milestones, offering high-fives and words of encouragement that promote comfort and reassurance during challenging moments.

At Franciscan Ministries, we pride ourselves on creating an environment where everyone can live joyfully. Our mission throughout each of our senior living communities in Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana is to ensure that everyone feels like family from the moment they walk through the door. 

Learn more about our communities and discover our open positions today by visiting our website or contacting a member of our team.