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How Respite Care Can Support Your Family During the Holidays

October 23, 2020

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The holiday season is right around the corner. This year, that means cooking holiday dishes, buying gifts online and decorating your home while balancing other responsibilities. And with uncertainties of COVID-19, it’s possible you’ll have to spend some extra time taking extra precautions this holiday season. All these holiday tasks and activities can take up a lot of time and energy. This holiday season more than ever, might have senior caregivers experiencing more stress than usual.

But what if there was another option this holiday season instead of risking caregiver burnout? Respite care can offer your senior loved one a safe and welcoming environment, while you catch up on your other priorities.

It’s normal to be a little hesitant about respite care for your loved one. But once you learn about some of the benefits it can provide your family, you’ll see how it’s a great option for your family during the holidays.

5 Benefits of Respite Care During the Holidays

1. Gives Your Family the Flexibility to Travel

When the holiday season comes around, visiting family members is a staple. But when your senior loved one needs your support, traveling might not be an option anymore. If your senior loved one’s needs are being supported in respite care, you’ll have the freedom to travel. Even if COVID-19 is preventing you from traveling, you still may need extra time to video chat or talk with any family that’s out of town.

In respite care, an expert staff member will take the time to get to know your loved one. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing your loved one’s needs are taken care of while you’re away. Plus, you can bring back stories about the family and friends you visited for your senior loved one to enjoy.

2. Your Senior Loved One Will Get to Socialize

One of the top benefits of respite care is that your loved one will have more opportunities to socialize with people their own age. Your loved one will have friends who can join them for a walk, exercise class and dinner. While loneliness and isolation are concerns for many seniors, you won’t have to worry about that with respite care.

Aside from making new friends with other residents, your loved one will also form connections with the respite care staff. Staff members can offer your loved one pleasant conversation and company throughout their day. Socialization is important for your senior loved one. Engaging and talking with other people, can help them reach a higher level of mental and emotional wellness.

3. Reduce Holiday Related Stress

The holidays are an amazing time of year, but you know how stressful they can be. From finding the time to buy gifts to hosting family parties, the added stress can be challenging. And when you throw these extra obligations on top of your caregiving responsibilities, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. But respite care can help reduce the holiday stress for you and your senior loved one.

Caregiver burnout is common around the holidays given the extra stress the season can bring. While it’s normal to feel guilty about sending your loved one to respite care, everyone needs time to recharge from stress. Your loved one will have the personalized care they need, and you’ll have time to take care of yourself.

4. Help Your Family Catch Up on Other Responsibilities

Chances are, your regular routine was busy enough. But now with all the added responsibilities of the holidays, you’re worried about how you’ll get everything done. For example, holiday decorating and buying gifts online for your family require time and attention you don’t have.

With respite care supporting your caregiving responsibilities, you’ll be able to catch up on your other responsibilities. The extra time and attention you can focus on the holidays will make the experience more enjoyable for your loved one once they return.

5. Give Your Loved One a Look at Senior Living

Have you and your senior loved one been considering a senior living community? Respite care gives your loved one the chance to see what life is like before making a commitment. Making the move to a senior living community is a big decision. Which is why a trial run can provide your family with the insight you need to make the call.

During the holidays, respite care can help you catch up on your other responsibilities. And your loved one will be able to experience the lifestyle they’d find at a senior living community. Plus, you’ll get a break from your caregiving responsibilities to focus on the making the holidays unforgettable for your family.

Discover Expert Respite Care Near You

Franciscan Ministries can help your loved one celebrate life this holiday season with our expert respite care. Our communities will take the time to get to know your loved one on a personal level. That way, our staff can help them celebrate life by taking care of their unique needs.

A change of scenery might be just what your loved one needs to escape the stress of the holiday season. At Franciscan Ministries, we treat our respite care guests with the same level of dedication and compassion we offer residents. If you’re interested in learning more about how senior respite care can support your family, contact us today.

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