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5 Surfaces to Disinfect During COVID-19

August 26, 2020

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Before we all found ourselves in the wake of coronavirus (COVID-19), many of us didn’t think about our immune health. But now, finding ways to boost your immune system and lower your risk of exposure are a top priority. And since seniors find themselves at a high risk for COVID-19, it’s even more critical to follow all the practices set by the CDC.

With the pandemic still lingering, it’s easy to forget about household chores. Did you know that the CDC recommends that you regularly disinfect surfaces throughout your home? But what areas should you focus on? We’re here to give you some guidance so you can lower your risk for COVID-19.

5 Surfaces You Should Regularly Disinfect

1. Doorknobs

Stop for a moment and think about how many times you touch doorknobs throughout the day. It’s probably too high to count. But disinfecting your doorknobs at least a couple times a day is important. Whenever you come home, the first thing you touch is the doorknob. And that’s before you can get inside and wash your hands.

Even if you’re practicing social distancing, your doorknob is one of the areas in your home with the most germs. An easy way to get started is to use a disinfectant wipe on the doorknob when you wake up and before you go to bed.

2. Countertops

Whether it’s your kitchen table or your countertops, these surfaces are germ magnets. Disinfecting these surfaces often not only helps protect you, but your food as well. It’s important to get into the habit of disinfecting your countertops before and after you prepare your meals.

3. Smart Phone and iPad

Did you know that your phone or iPad is seven times dirtier than your toilet? The screens of your phone and tablet are great at collecting germs. Just think about how often you touch them over the course of the day. Plus, your phone touches your face and is right next to your mouth.

If you get a germ on your hand, it likely that it will find its way to your phone or tablet. Given how sensitive screens can be, using a rubbing alcohol is great way for seniors to keep their electronics clean.

4. Refrigerator, Dishwasher and Microwave

Like your countertops, you need to make sure to disinfect kitchen appliances. Many seniors don’t clean their kitchen appliances, especially their fridge, because it can seem intimidating. For your fridge, all you need to do is take everything out, disinfect the inside and put everything back. You can even get a family member to help you.

While you’re cleaning, it’s important to wipe all of the shelves and handles. The handles on your appliances are touched the most. To help reduce the number of germs in your house, clean your appliances at least once every two weeks.

5. Faucets

Before you wash your hands, you have to touch the faucet. That makes the faucets in your house one of the surfaces that’s most prone to germs. When was the last time you disinfected your faucet?

It’s important to disinfect your faucets at least a couple times a day, especially if you have a family member or caregiver that is over your house regularly.

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