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What Does Assisted Living Provide?

August 1, 2023

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Maintaining independence is important to everyone, especially as we get older. Nobody wants to admit they need support or assistance with their daily life. However, being unable to complete or manage activities of daily living can have adverse effects on a person’s health and safety. 

Fortunately, this is where assisted living can help. Assisted living communities offer assistance that can help maximize a person’s independence. But what does assisted living provide, and how do you know if it’s the right choice for you or someone you love?

Franciscan Communities offers a continuum of care that enables residents to comfortably live in a supportive and vibrant community. We’re sharing some of the benefits of assisted living communities to help you and your family can confidently navigate your senior living journey.

Support When It’s Needed

A common misconception about assisted living is that residents will lose their autonomy. However, this isn’t true; assisted living communities focus on fostering independence, not limiting it.

Team members at assisted living communities provide each resident with the support and attention they need in the areas they need in order to promote health and safety. When you want to continue living life to the fullest but need a little more assistance with daily activities, Franciscan Ministries offers a number of communities with assisted living services. Our caring team will handle the day-to-day chores while you enjoy life-enriching activities and events.

A Focus on All Areas of Wellness

While we may prioritize healthy eating or physical activity, overall wellness is about more than that; it incorporates mind, body and spirit. Assisted living communities offer the programs, amenities and services that help residents improve all areas of wellness.

At Franciscan Ministries, we focus on the seven dimensions of wellness to help residents at all of our assisted living communities live joyfully. Life is a series of moments, and we want to help you or your loved one make the most out of them.

Maintenance-Free Living

For older adults who live alone, keeping up with the hassles of housework, yard maintenance and everyday chores can become taxing. Home maintenance takes up valuable free time and can take a physical toll on the homeowner (mowing the lawn in the summer heat is no easy task!). 

Home maintenance can also create possible safety hazards. For example, climbing a ladder to clean out the gutters can lead to a fall and/or severe injury. In fact, falls are the leading cause of injuries in adults over the age of 65. 

Fortunately, assisted living communities provide maintenance-free living so residents can enjoy the amenities, programs and opportunities – without the responsibilities of a house. This allows them to enjoy their free time, connect with their passions and spend time with neighbors and loved ones!

Connection & Social Opportunities

Humans are social creatures, but opportunities for social connection may decrease over time. We leave the workforce, neighbors and family move away or we simply don’t have access to social activities.

Assisted living communities understand the value of connection for mind, body and spirit so they provide various opportunities for social interaction and fostering friendships. The apartment-style living offered in many assisted living communities creates an environment where neighbors can conveniently connect with those around them, whether for a walk around the community, lunch in the dining room or a competitive game of cards.

Live Joyfully at Franciscan Communities

At Franciscan Ministries, our assisted living communities provide so many opportunities for residents to enjoy every aspect of their lifestyle – from locally sourced dining and refreshing outdoor spaces to daily assistance and extensive activity calendars. With a resident experience inspired by the seven dimensions of wellness, we ensure you or someone you love will have every opportunity to enhance wellness, meet new people and experience moments of joy every day!

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