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How Assisted Living Offers Healthy Living for Seniors

March 7, 2022

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Assisted living communities offer many advantages to seniors and their families. Moving to assisted living can actually improve the quality of life for your loved one, and it can help lighten the load for any caregivers (usually family members) who have taken on the responsibility of providing assistance on a daily basis.

According to the Family Quality of Life Survey, 73% of families felt their loved one’s quality of life improved after moving to assisted living. Many residents themselves reported an improvement in their nutrition and their physical and social well-being after moving to an assisted living community.

6 Benefits of Assisted Living for Seniors

1. Social Interaction

It’s well known that seniors who remain socially active and connected with others experience a variety of benefits, from a boost in mental and physical health to living a longer, happier life. Some seniors may feel isolated upon leaving the workforce, especially if they live by themselves at home. Senior living communities promote healthy living for seniors, which includes numerous opportunities for social interactions, such as planned activities and event outings. Common areas and courtyards also provide a gathering place for fun and socialization.

2. Senior Wellness

Assisted living offers senior wellness programs that include classes and programs designed specifically for the abilities and needs of older adults. These may include exercise classes that focus on flexibility, muscle strength and balance, while reducing stress on joints, and services for senior wellness, including massage therapy, acupuncture and nutrition services.

3. Independence

As adults age, they may find it difficult to do the things they used to do. Some worry that they may have to rely too much on outside sources for help. However, one of assisted living’s advantages is providing the right blend of helpful support and encouragement for independence. Caring team members ensure that residents can do what they can, when they can. Senior living staff are always on call  to lend a hand whenever it’s needed, such as helping with dressing or bathing, meal assistance or getting around.

4. Better Relationships with Family and Friends

One of the benefits of assisted living is how it can restore cherished relationships with loved ones and their family members. In most cases, family caregivers end up being responsible for helping with daily living activities like eating or toileting when a senior lives at home. In other cases, the family must find a home care aide to help with these tasks. Either way, this can cause extreme financial, emotional and physical strain on all involved. An assisted living community ensures that your aging loved one receives the right level of care, when they need it. Instead of concentrating on caregiving duties, families can focus on quality time and making memories together.

5. Safety

For seniors still living at home, their environment may require modifications (such as installing railings or slip-proof flooring) for safety or extensive in-home care. Both can be quite costly. With assisted living, the focus is on accessibility and mobility, with living quarters specially designed for any senior to move around safely. In addition, assisted living communities provide expert care and medical attention, just in case it’s necessary.

6. Peace of Mind

Depending on lifestyle and health changes, senior care needs may change over time. Assisted living communities provide seniors with a care plan uniquely tailored to their needs. This plan is carefully evaluated by medical staff, and members of the medical team are notified of any changes in health as soon as possible. If additional support such as memory care or rehabilitation become necessary, your loved one can receive the health care they need, all in one place.

Supportive Assisted Living at Franciscan Ministries

We offer a variety of convenient and comfortable amenities and services to ensure you or your loved one will feel right at home. For more information about assisted living at Franciscan Communities, please contact us today.