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How to Age Successfully

November 22, 2019

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What Does It Mean to Age Successfully?

Today, more and more seniors are finding innovative ways to stay healthy, active and living their lives to the fullest. While not a new concept, the term “healthy aging” has been growing in popularity over the last several years as the Baby Boomer generation reaches retirement. People are living longer and enjoying a higher quality of life as they age, too.

This high quality of life rooted in a blend of physical, emotional and mental wellness is the core of successful aging. How to age successfully? Follow these seven tips below.

7 Tips for Aging Successfully

Of course, every person is unique, which means knowing how to age successfully does differ. That being said, many are finding that moving to a senior living community offers more opportunities to stay healthier while maintaining the highest level of independence possible.

So how can a senior living community aid in healthy aging? Here are seven ways:

1. Socialization

Senior living communities are home to thousands of residents and associates. Retirement might have decreased your social stimulation, so there is a strong emphasis on maintaining relations with family and friends while building new friendships with your peers in a community setting, such as any Franciscan Community.

2. Self-Worth

Residents are encouraged to remain independent while facing and meeting challenges as they enjoy everyday life. At Franciscan Communities, you can rest assured that maintaining and promoting your independence is of the utmost importance.

3. Keeping Cognitive Functions Fit

Senior living communities like Franciscan utilize comprehensive, research-based assessments to help you age better. Programs and amenities such as brain aerobics, libraries, media rooms, computers, the Wii and Touch 2 Play Gaming System, guest speakers and book clubs allow you to flex your cognitive function muscles.

4. Physical Fitness & Health Awareness

Senior living communities offer a wide variety of ways to get your heart pumping daily. At Franciscan, we offer fitness centers, SeniorFITness programs, outdoor walking paths, regularly scheduled physical activities, group exercises, aerobics, strength training and onsite health screenings to ensure physical fitness can be a part of your daily life.

5. Spiritual Wellness

Interacting with others who share your beliefs and finding a connection to your inner values helps expand your sense of purpose, providing more meaning to your days. Our onsite chapels are welcoming, sacred spaces for people of all faiths, and Franciscan Communities’ pastoral care departments offer spiritual support and counseling.

6. Healthy Eating

Good nutrition habits are key to healthy aging, and with restaurant-style meals available onsite, eating healthy at a senior living community is easy! We offer a variety of foods and use the finest, freshest ingredients, and with plenty of choices and dietitians on staff, we guarantee to meet your nutritional requirements and desires.

7. Stress Reduction

Studies prove that the body’s defenses can falter under stressful conditions. With flexible financing plans, a continuum of care and the peace of mind of knowing that Franciscan Communities will be the ideal place for your retirement years, you can rest easy. You can enjoy your leisure time while also pursuing your interests and challenging your mind and body, especially now that you have more free time. Here, we will take care of mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, maintaining the yard, making home repairs and more to ensure you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

Learn How Franciscan Ministries Supports Aging Successfully

Franciscan Ministries’ senior living communities offer a full spectrum of care for seniors at all stages in their life. Here, you are able to choose the lifestyle that truly suits you, whether you are looking for easy living in our independent living communities or need some help with daily living activities in a comfortable, home-like environment in our assisted living communities. Franciscan Communities also offers supportive services like memory support, skilled nursing and rehabilitation services. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing as your care level change that your need will be met now and in the future.

Contact us today to find out how we can help improve your quality of life and assist in your healthy aging plan.